“Teams that systemically address inclusion, and regularly collect data to support continuous improvement, are the stand-out winners.” (Carter & Johnson 2022)

Inclusive Enterprise Program

Deploy, monitor and continuously improve inclusion on your team

How We Help

Team Leaders

Inclusive Enterprise provides busy teams with training & tools, data collection & analysis, and ongoing support so they can take concrete steps to cultivate an inclusive work environment.

Senior Executives

Inclusive Enterprise helps committed executives benchmark, monitor and report on inclusion, supported by longitudinal data collection and analysis, so they can improve outcomes.

How it Works

Inclusive Enterprise program helps teams deploy, monitor, and continually improve inclusion at scale, while tracking impact over time.

Trying Inclusive Enterprise is quick, and easy. All it requires is <2 hours of pre-work by each team member (setting up the Biodex tool and completing  a couple courses on Inclusion by Design and Inclusive Practices), a 2 hr facilitated workshop for each team (to develop their Working Agreement and plan for Inclusive Meetings and Accessible Artifacts), and a few minutes/week for self-assessing progress. Within 3 months, teams should see improved outcomes and have adopted inclusive practices that they can sustain on their own.

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Try Biodex for Free

The Biodex preferences library provides a “user manual” for you and your colleagues to more easily adapt to each other’s work styles and communication preferences. The Biodex is free to use, only takes 5 minutes to set up, and you can start working better together with your team!

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About Ultranauts

Founded in 2013 by two MIT engineers, Ultranauts Inc has built a successful data and software quality engineering firm powered by one of the most diverse groups in business. 75% of Ultranauts are Autistic, we have more females than males, 35% of us identify as LGBTQ+, 20% of our managers are Black, and as a team, we over index on severe anxiety and PTSD. Typical management practices (and DEI activities) were not effective for an organization as diverse as ours, so we had to completely reimagine and redesign our work systems and practices.

One of the practices that emerged at Ultranauts is Inclusive Agile, a methodology for implementing Agile in a way that increases participation, protects psychological safety, reduces burnout risk and improves productivity – not only for neurodivergent team members but for everyone. Based on Inclusive Agile, Ultranauts has developed a new program, Inclusive Enterprise to help any manager (not only managers of Agile engineering teams) deploy, monitor and improve inclusion within their own team by providing practical tools and measuring tangible outcomes.