Decode Your Team’s Chemistry and Unlock Peak Performance

Teamx Origin

Decode Your Team’s Chemistry and Unlock Peak Performance

Teamx emerged from Ultranauts Inc, an engineering firm powered by cognitively diverse teams, 75% of whom are neurodivergent.

As a fully remote organization with a wide range of communication preferences, learning styles, problem solving approaches, strengths and challenges, traditional management practices and tools were wholly inadequate. Over the past decade, Ultranauts reimagined work and experimented with new ways of working that proved to be incredibly effective. Those learnings led to the launch of Teamx.

About Ultranauts Inc

Founded by two MIT engineers in 2013, Ultranauts Inc. is on a mission to demonstrate that neurodiversity is a competitive advantage for business. To achieve our mission, we’re building a world-class engineering firm that delivers superior value for our customers, and designing a Universal Workplace that embraces diversity and serves as a replicable blueprint for other employers.

Ultranauts has teammates in 30 states across the U.S. and is powered by one of the most diverse groups in business. 75% of Ultranauts are neurodivergent, the majority of whom are Autistic, many of whom are ADHDers and Dyslexics, and 100% of whom believe our differences make us better together.

Named a Fast Company World Changing Idea, Interbrand Breakthrough Brand and MIT Solve Challenge Winner, Ultranauts is reimagining how a company hires talent, manages teams and develops careers to empower our teams to perform at their best. For more information, visit 

A Different,
Better Firm

As Ultranauts, we believe our differences make us better together. The diversity of human minds can be a powerful asset in any industry, and our differences can propel us forward to better ideas, better teams, better organizations, and a better world.

– Ultranauts Co-founders