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Teamx FAQs

What is Teamx?2024-04-01T10:12:02+00:00

Teamx helps you decode your team’s chemistry and unlock peak performance.

Teamx provides data-driven insights and recommends customized practices to help team members communicate and collaborate more effectively and work better together.

Teamx uses proven tools like the Biodex™ and Neuroinclusion Recommender™, and was developed by Ultranauts Inc based on a decade of applied research into building high performing, cognitively diverse teams.

What do you mean by Inclusion?2024-04-01T10:15:18+00:00

Inclusion in a workplace setting is the act of removing barriers to full participation, ensuring each team member has access to the resources, information and interactions they need to do their best work.

Inclusion is not the feeling of belonging or psychological safety. Such feelings can emerge in an inclusive work environment, but are often dependent on factors outside a team’s control.

Thus, Teamx focuses on helping teams take concrete actions that enable all teammates to fully participate in their work and drive value together.

What do you mean by a “Team”?2024-04-01T10:16:51+00:00

For the purposes of Teamx, a “team” is a small group of people working together to achieve a set of shared objectives, requiring close collaboration and frequent communication – e.g. an 8 person feature team (not a 200 person engineering group), a 6 person marketing analytics team (not a 50 person marketing department).

Teamx is best suited for teams of 4-10 members.

How can my team try Teamx?2024-04-01T10:19:42+00:00

Teamx is available in 3 tiers depending on the needs of a team:

  • Teamx Launch: Decode team chemistry and identify teammates’ unique needs. 30 minutes of set-up with immediate insights tuned to your team’s needs so you can start working better together.
  • Teamx Elevate: Boost team cohesion and collaboration and achieve quick wins. 30 minutes of set-up, with immediate insights tuned to your team’s needs and a customized playbook with prioritized actions tailored to your particular team and context.
  • Teamx Pro: Continuously Improve team cohesion and drive team performance. 30 minutes of set-up with immediate insights and a tailored playbook, kicking off a 3 month program with immersive training and ongoing analytics/insights so your team can keep improving.

Space is limited and priority will be given to organizations interested in piloting Teamx with 3 or more teams.

How does Teamx support neuroinclusion / disability inclusion?2024-04-01T10:23:30+00:00

Teamx can have a positive impact on neuroinclusion and disability inclusion where traditional approaches may fall short. Teamx’s approach is to help teams identify and adopt shared practices that remove barriers to full participation for every team member, including neurodivergent team members and team members with a disability.

This is different from traditional approaches which focus on one off workplace accommodations for specific colleagues and don’t change an organization’s or team’s default practices and norms. Such traditional approaches have a limited impact because:

  • Some team members with a disability may not feel safe/comfortable requesting an accommodation
  • Accommodations don’t remove the underlying barriers preventing a team member from accessing the resources, information and interactions they need to do their work
Who is Ultranauts?2024-04-01T10:24:40+00:00

Founded by two MIT engineers in 2013, Ultranauts Inc. is on a mission to demonstrate that neurodiversity is a competitive advantage for business. To achieve our mission, we’re building a world-class engineering firm that delivers superior value for our customers, and designing a Universal Workplace that embraces diversity and serves as a replicable blueprint for other employers.

Ultranauts has teammates in 30 states across the U.S. and is powered by one of the most diverse groups in business. 75% of Ultranauts are neurodivergent, the majority of whom are Autistic, many of whom are ADHDers and Dyslexics, and 100% of whom believe our differences make us better together.

Named a Fast Company World Changing Idea, Interbrand Breakthrough Brand and MIT Solve Challenge Winner, Ultranauts is reimagining how a company hires talent, manages teams and develops careers to empower our teams to perform at their best. For more information, visit https://ultranauts.co/

Data and Privacy FAQs

What is the Biodex?2024-04-01T10:32:39+00:00

The Biodex is a tool developed by Ultranauts Inc that serves as a “user manual” for colleagues to more easily adapt to each other’s work styles and communication preferences.

How long will it take to complete my Biodex?2024-04-01T10:33:12+00:00

It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to complete your Biodex depending on how you choose to answer the questions.

What information is collected and how will it be used?2024-04-01T10:36:37+00:00

Teamx uses the Biodex tool developed by Ultranauts Inc.to collect and analyze data from team members participating in TeamX. The Biodex collects three types of information from each team member, which Ultranauts uses to provide you and your team with customized insights:

  • General information related to employment (the About Me section) – This information is typically already available to colleagues and employers.
    Examples: time zone, typical work schedule

  • Individual preferences related to communication, interaction and feedback (Feedback & Interaction and Communication sections) – Individual responses to these questions may be shared with your colleagues in the form of a Team Biodex, which includes individual team member preferences.
    Examples: What is the best time to provide you with critical feedback? What is your preferred mode for receiving information?
  • Personal information related to work style, past experiences, and desired work environment (Personal Orientation, Past Experiences and Recommendation Engine sections) – Individual responses to these questions will NOT be shared with colleagues or employers. Responses will be used to generate a Personal Biodex report, which is only shared with you, and includes predictions based on your responses (e.g. how likely are you to raise issues). Responses may also be used in aggregate (anonymized) to inform recommendations for the team as a whole.
    Examples: Which areas should your team prioritize to improve the way you work together? How can you improve your meetings so every team member can more fully participate?
What information will I receive and how can I access it?2024-04-01T10:38:05+00:00

If you’re completing the Biodex on your own (not as part of Teamx), you’ll receive an email with your Personal Biodex report (for your eyes only) and a shareable Individual Biodex Profile (your “user manual” to share with colleagues). If you’re participating in Teamx, in addition to you receiving the Personal Biodex report and shareable Individual Biodex Profile, your team leader will receive a Team Biodex (a cheat sheet with team member preferences) and a Team-X Playbook (with prioritized actions tailored to your team’s unique needs). If your team is participating in Teamx PRO, copies of all those documents will also be posted to the Resources page on your Teamx dashboard.