A Different, Better Firm

As Ultranauts, we believe our differences as individuals make us better together. The diversity of human minds can be a powerful asset in any industry, and our differences, far from holding us back, can propel us forward to better ideas, better teams, better organizations, and a better world. 

Ultranauts Co-founders


Founded in 2013 by two MIT engineers, Ultranauts (formerly Ultra Testing) is on a mission to prove that neurodiversity, including autism, is a competitive advantage in business. To achieve our mission, we’re building a world-class quality engineering firm that delivers superior value for our customers, and designing a universal workplace that embraces diversity in all its forms and serves as a replicable blueprint for other employers.

Ultranauts has been growing over 50% annually while maintaining a 100% Net Promoter Score among customers, and when benchmarked against global IT firms, we’ve delivered measurably superior results. Ultranauts has also built the world’s first fully remote workplace for neurodiverse talent, with colleagues working in 20 states across the U.S., 75% of whom are on the autism spectrum, and 100% of whom believe our differences as individuals make us better together.

Ultranauts is reimagining how a company hires, manages and develops talent to empower our team to perform at their best. From data-driven recruiting to objectively assess talent (reliant on aptitude assessments and job simulations vs resumes and work experience), to flexible business practices for harnessing unique strengths (e.g. remote workplace, desired-time-equivalent work week, Inclusive Agile practices), to a supportive culture that promotes continuous learning (via personalized learning pathways), we’re designing a Universal Workplace where everyone, no matter how we’re wired, has a fair shot at success.

As a private, mission-driven company, we are building an organization that balances profit and purpose. Maximizing profit alone would turn us into a ruthless wealth creator which is not who we are. Focusing on purpose alone would turn us into a charitable service provider, which is not what we do.

As a diverse, high-performing team, we are creating a culture that combines respect and excellence. Respect allows us to tap into each other’s strengths and enables our blended neurodivergent-neurotypical teams to collaborate and perform at their best. Excellence allows us to consistently create value for our customers and be the world-class firm we aim to be.