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Financial Services

Accuracy and compliance are mission-critical for financial services, whether you’re a global institution or a digital-native startup. Ultranauts can help you establish the solid, quality-focused foundation you need to successfully migrate from legacy systems, take full advantage of the cloud, and drive high-impact AI and ML initiatives. From rapid quality audits of mission-critical data assets, to scalable test automation solutions for high-visibility applications, Ultranauts can provide a full suite of quality engineering services to ensure that you’re able to meet the needs of demanding consumers and business stakeholders.


Property & casualty organizations, life & annuities businesses, and InsureTechs are all racing towards providing digital offerings powered by advanced analytics. Ultranauts brings an in-depth understanding of underwriting rules, ISO ratings and common industry data models & hygiene issues, which coupled with our team’s exceptional talents allow us to rapidly ingest complex domain knowledge and accelerate the shift to modern technologies by helping ensure end-to-end quality, including validation of reports and ratings engines.


The rapid shift to streaming is dramatically changing the media landscape, placing enormous pressure on development and analytics teams to ensure seamless experiences and real-time insights across multiple platforms. Ultranauts is a trusted quality engineering partner of 3 of the top 5 media companies, supporting our clients with software QA and test automation across web, mobile and OTT, and helping our clients inject quality into their complex data ecosystems and marketing models so high-value campaign and content decisions can be made with confidence.

Consumer Goods

The acceleration of ecommerce and digital advertising have opened up tremendous new opportunities for market leaders and challenger brands alike in every consumer category, from CPG to luxury. Today, being able to trust the data feeding into models, dashboards and reports is mission critical. Ultranauts can help you quickly determine which of your data assets are driving the most value, define data quality in a way that meets the nuanced expectations of your marketing and product teams, and implement end-to-end quality controls and early warning systems so you can prevent costly mistakes before they occur.


Hyper-growth startups rapidly building out engineering functions have little time to invest in quality, which can result in an unstable product and accumulation of technical debt. Ultranauts’ agile quality engineering teams can ramp up quickly and embed seamlessly to architect and implement an end-to-end quality solution, from strategy to test automation. We’ll help you free up your most valuable engineering resources to continue to focus on the product while enabling the team to grow rapidly without introducing business risk.