TeamX is different. It helps you understand what your teammates need to do their best work, and take action in very specific ways!


Decode Your Team’s Unique Chemistry
and Unlock Peak Performance.

How it Works

Teamx provides data-driven insights and recommends customized practices to decode your team’s unique chemistry and unlock peak performance.

TeamX Solutions

TeamX Launch 

Decode team chemistry and identify teammates’ unique needs. 30 minutes of set-up with immediate insights tuned to your team’s needs so you can start working better together.

Teamx Elevate 

Boost team cohesion and collaboration and achieve quick wins. 30 minutes of set-up and a customized playbook with prioritized actions tailored to your team’s unique needs.

Teamx Pro 

Continuously Improve team cohesion and drive team performance. 3 month program with immersive training and ongoing analytics/insights so your team can keep improving.

Trying Teamx is quick. Teamx Launch and Elevate only take 30 mins to set up and you’ll get immediate insights on what each of your teammates uniquely needs to do their best work, how you can lead team meetings and 1:1s tuned to your team’s specific preferences, and what actions you can take first/next to improve communication and collaboration as a group and drive performance.

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About Ultranauts

Founded in 2013 by two MIT engineers, Ultranauts Inc has built a successful data and software quality engineering firm powered by one of the most diverse groups in business. 75% of Ultranauts are neurodivergent, we have more females than males on the leadership team, 35% of us identify as LGBTQ+, 20% of our managers are Black, and as a team, we over index on severe anxiety and PTSD. Typical management practices (and DEI activities) were not effective for an organization as diverse as ours, so we had to completely reimagine and redesign our work systems and practices.

One of the practices that emerged at Ultranauts is Inclusive Agile, a methodology for implementing Agile in a way that increases participation, protects psychological safety, reduces burnout risk and improves productivity – not only for neurodivergent team members but for everyone. Based on Inclusive Agile and using our proprietary Biodex and Inclusion Recommender tools, Ultranauts developed Teamx to help any team (not only Agile engineering teams) decode their unique chemistry and unlock peak performance.